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About NP telecommunication:

NP telecommunication is a technology leader in the frequency of special second Type of telecommunications service provider. Goal is to create a NP telecommunications service provider of customer satisfaction over the years, the frequency to the NP telecommunication to engage in international traffic, mobile phones and Internet phone service, which covers telecommunications services and activities in Taiwan, China and the growing of international market, so far, more than the NP range of business telecommunications services, covering more than 50 countries and 100 operators in all countries in the world in all areas, in particular the second category we have long maintained the industry's leading telecom position, NP Telecom has also made frequent new product applications towards the development trend of the international community toward a combination of communications and video use in the operation of more people and technology to facilitate integration and successfully propose solutions to the problems of enterprises and customers, now at this day make NP telecommunications to the international stage, communication, video technology applications in business, efficient solution to business meetings all over, eliminating the need for more time to business performance, we provide telecommunications services to the highest attainable standard of , at all levels in the enterprise communications business, we will strive to continue to use all means to achieve customer satisfaction and requirements, we request that all third-party clients and staff to provide high standards of respect and service.


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Service features and Benefits

The most telecommunication experiences at above 10 years:
1.Development of audio-visual communication ( and 3C video sharing, audio and video communications
to create more fun, life is more technology. increase direct communication in a lot of cards and Ni Ni card applications, features direct links to upgrade by adding a
speed dial phone book function, so that Second 080 phone card revolutions into the convenience of direct function of mobile phone, without the trouble of re-second dial. increase its dial Call back function, do not answer as early artificial, direct system calls to return to dial-up caller called,
save a lot of waiting, save costs, direct customer feedback concessions. increase roaming capabilities, before leaving one set transferred to the domestic dial settings on the adapter number
to set the number of foreign countries want to transfer the phone, For example: China, Singapore, and Hong Kong eliminating roaming charges, very easy to use
Calls on the computer products developed! Includes the text message, communication, high-definition video (Full HD), real-time audio and video recording capabilities. Beyond the communication between the industry and various product applications on the network, will promote cooperation to countries around the world.
Optimistic about the development of the telecommunications industry, overall expansion room, uninterruptible power equipment and respond to energy conservation, air-cooled chiller replacement to change, and the other two British imports an additional Rolls-Royce engine, the whole silent type generator.
The rise of Internet telephone set up Cisco (cisco) network switch and the Quintum (Quintum) gateway for nearly six million investments.
Invested two hundred million dollars, invent the calls on the computer, to put up NP telecommunications into the future of video communications.
NP telecommunication on January made Taiwan's first virtual mobile license, and issued MVNO NP telecommunication Gate Number.
On December to obtain an operating license of ISP for ADSL wireless broadband services.
On January ISR issued by Directorate General of Telecommunications to obtain a special license may engage in second-class of resell Internet voice calls and phone cards.
On June launch of "PDA banking financial institutions".
On February launched the "stock financial institutions."
On September launched the "0945 Chinese Secretary pager."
Get the second-type license in April and also launched the "0945 Digital pagers."
Launched the "Wantong B.B call" telephone's secretary.